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Tuesday, July 08, 2003


Work was kind of busy today. Some people got yelled at for reading but I was reading and nobody said anything... I don't understand. I kept getting hard calls. One guy called and wanted us to match a price so it took almost half an hour to do that because we had to go through and find out how much it would cost him at the other site etc. Then I got another guy who was complaining that our prices are more expensive than other places and that he wants to know what we will do to get him back. He wanted to order an automatic cleaner and have us match that price, so we went through all that junk again and agreed, only to find that we don't carry it anymore?!? Even the supervisors had no idea, which means today was the first day it was no longer available so I got back to tell the guy and I somehow have a new guy on the line! Apparently the other guy hung up and then the new guy was confused because I didn't know the other one had hung up. That's the second time today someone has hung up on me while I was asking a question. I finally got the form to fill out for when I'm leaving, so I said the end of July would be the last time I can work. Alice put "open" which confuses me because she's going to have to leave in the middle of August (the season goes to October) unless she's not returning to tech which would explain the "open."

Man, I was starving so I got home and we have nothing but ice cream so I had some and put some black sprinkles on it, except that the black was actually a really deep green and I didn't notice until I was almost down and I saw my ice cream was green and I freaked out because I thought it was mold.


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