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Sunday, July 06, 2003

oh wowie

Work was pretty slow. One guy called and thought we were the ER... O.O As soon as my shift ended it started to pour, and I mean POUR. I had my wipers on as fast as they would go and it wasn't enough. I was driving through puddles and needed my 4-wheel drive. Walking to my car alone I got soaked. My shoes won't drive for at least a day. I feel like I just took a bath. To top it off, I swear there was hail. If not, then the it was raining so hard it sounded like I had giant rocks hitting my car. It sounded like when you pass a truck carrying dirt, only MUCH LOUDER. The funny thing is that as soon as I reached Army Trail it stopped and the roads were completely dry. I hear there's a tornado warning at 6, and my dad says there's a severe thunderstorm warning heading our way. I believe it, though it's looking like it'll pass us up. We badly need rain though. The grass is yellow and brown.


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