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Saturday, August 16, 2003

i'm back at tech

It's quite early because I can't sleep. I got about 6 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Anyway, let's start by day.

Drove up. My dad saw weird birds, and Laura saw the same birds. We were in different cars, and no one else saw them. THey say they looked like ostriches, but in a golf course? Odd... We saw deer multiple times. We had to stop the second time to let them cross. I was able to drive up the whole way, but around the 6-7 hour mark I started yawning, and a couple hours later my driving wasn't perfectly straight. My mom doesn't like being in the car when I'm driving. At the hotel I slept in my sleeping bag. My shoulders hurt from that.

We moved in. Found out that we might not be able to have lofts. Half the stuff in the room doesn't move. The bouch is really heavy, the desk is bolted to the wall, and there's no way I'm moving my dresser full of clothes at this point. The bathroom is ok. The shower curtain is really really too long. After setting most of the stuff and not having internet, we went to the Bishop Baraga shrine. Then we had dinner at a steak house. Then we went on a 2 1/2 hour boat ride with music that was WAY past my time. It wasn't that exciting at all. Neal called on the boat but my mom didn't tell me my phone was ringing. Since we're in roaming, it doesn't tell you if you have messages. Met my RA (who doesn't seem too nice) then talked to Neal for a long time on my cell since my cordless wasn't charging. Slept badly because it's so hot.

Set up my brita purifier but it took forever because I was doing it wrong and making a mess. Went to breakfast at Suomi Bakery, which had really good Finnish pancakes but nowhere to sit. There was a guy sitting at a table for 8 all by himself but it was HIS spot so our family of 5 had to squeeze in a table for 4. My phone still wasn't charged, so we went to the mall. Radioshack has gone out of business, so we bought the phone from office max. I went to Bath and Body Works to get some air freshener because the bathroom is stuffy. We also bought some of my books. Then we went to Calumet and visited a copper mining museum there. That was really interesting, and I got some cool pictures. I also got a copper candle holder, for thin candles. I have thin candles but nothing to put them in and this candle holder is REALLY awesome. I learned that back in the 1800s and 1900s female teachers weren't allowed to marry and male teachers weren't allowed to get shaved at the barber. We walked around Calumet a bit and I saw a sign that said "We're cheering for Stephanie!" I took a picture of it. We got some salt water taffy and fudge and hard candy. Yummy. Then we drive to Copper Harbor and took the Brockway Mountain Drive which was kind of cool. It takes you to the top of a really really tall hill and you can see everything. It was REALLY windy. Then in Copper Harbor we went in search of Agate beach. We followed a path for a really long time and stopped near the water to skip rocks. Then my parents and I went ahead to see if the beach was farther. We walked for 10 minutes then decided to turn around. On the way back we met a family who told us to watch for the bees nest. THe father had stepped in it and got stung. The nest was right on the path, which sucked. We were lucky none of us stepped in it before. I ran past the bees screaming and one kept following me so I kept screaming. Laura was lucky she didn't get stung because she's allergic. She did hurt her finger though. We're hoping it's not broken. I ran most of the way to the car. It turns out to get to the beach we had to take a different path, but that path was kind of overgrown now. We then drove me back to the dorm so I could get to my meeting. I found loft wood in my room and I was very confused. Called Kim and wasn't confused. Then I went to the meeting and found out lofts ARE ok but decks aren't, and a bunch of other stuff. After the meeting I helped Robyn figure out what cords went to her computer. I invited her to dinner with my family but she declined. I met up with my family (but first had a freshman ask me to take him out to dinner) and we tried to eat at the pizza place but it was crowded so we went to the Hunan Garden across the street. That was practically empty. There were only 2 servers, so it took forever for us to get stuff. They forgot Laura and Daddy's drinks and had Daddy's soup wrong. The food itself was really good though. I had vegetable lo-mein and it was MUCH better than Ye's lo-meins. Ye's still has the best fried rice though. I think the food got me a little sick though, most likely the egg drop soup, because during the meal I started feeling sick and now my stomach hates me, which is part of why I couldn't sleep last night. Anyway, I got back and Robyn called me and told me she had the new worm and needed me to take it off. I didn't have my internet set up yet, so we went to the EERC and downloaded all the good stuff and then went back to her room in the rain and fixed it. She bought a shower curtain but it is too big for the showers so she cut it in half and I am using the other half. I fixed my internet (I had something set up that was preventing me from going anywhere) and then talked to Neal and by the time I got to bed, it was 12:30. Not to mention the fact that when I tried opening my dresser drawer the whole piece of wood came off.

I work at the front desk 10-12. After that I'm meeting my family and we're going out to eat for lunch before they go to Ishpeming. I work again at 4:30 then end at 7, after which I'm going to Ryan's for spaghetti.


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