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Monday, August 11, 2003


I had the most horrible dream last night. There was a new kind of lettuce/wind element thing that would only eat something if it smelled. Me and a couple other people put it in a box of salad and put dressing on it so it'd smell. It began eating like crazy, but the lettuce was too big so I used my knife to cut it. Then the monster was almost done eating. Someone had put Amica in the box and I started cutting her legs with the knife. She looked like a teddy bear, with her hair wet and matted against her and her body shape was like a teddy. When I saw blood coming out of the circles around her leg where I was going to take off skin, I felt HORRIBLE. I woke up and I was unable to sleep for at least an horrible because of the horrible dream. It was so scary and I felt so bad that I had done something so horrible and terrible. It was like a nightmare.

Then later I had another dream where I almost died in a plane crash but I was saved by a vampire. He saved the whole plane, really. The weird thing was that we were the only ones left in the world and so had to survive on our own in a mall that had only 1 jewelry place and all my rings were broken. No one was able to fix them, too, which upset me.


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