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Saturday, August 09, 2003

Ancestry - Global Search Results

So I was playing around with because my mom said that the doctors or whoever think that the reason we have so many diseases on my mom's side of the family is because when her mom (mr grandma) married, it was probably a second intermarriage. This basically means that those 2 family lines had already intermarriaged once and were doing it a second time, even though it was probably long down the line. This makes me wonder about Neal, cuz the same thing could happen since Anderson is a Scandinavian last name and half my family is Scandinavian, plus Neal doesn't even know his ancestry. Dangerous, dangerous. I'm supposed to be getting GOOD blood, not possibly bad blood. However, I can't find any info without know the names of Neal's grandparents cuz most of the stuff requires fees and that's like $80 a year and expensive.


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