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Saturday, August 16, 2003


Well, Neal had told me that Ryan lived in Calumet. I drove through Hancock and followed Ryan's directions, except that I skipped a step and went to 41 a different way and ended up completely missing the rest of the directions. After 30 minutes I stopped at a gas station in Calumet and asked for directions. THen I filled up and went back to Hancock, where his house is. Finally getting there at 8, I met his family (who are REALLY nice by the way) and had the dinner (which was really good) and met some of his friends (who were REALLY easy to get along with). I felt at home, it was so much fun. :)

Oh, and not only did someone write "Hey sexy" on my door, but someone also wrote "Call me 1-218 :)" on the door, though that's not a real number unless it's 3-1218 or something.


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