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Saturday, August 16, 2003


Well, I did my first job at the front desk checking people in. That part was easy, except that half my box was out of order. There were a couple hard questions, and one girl needed stamps and i had trouble using the cash register. I felt dumb, but it's a complicated register. Dave was one of the first to check in and he did it early in the morning so we weren't so busy. He didn't recognize me at first because my hair was up. He asked if I was still with my boyfriend and I said yes and he's like, "When are you ever going to let me date you?" Friendly joking around, don't get jealous, Neal. I wouldn't date him. He's a druggie. But anyway, I get along well with the people at the desk so it's all good. I talked to Ryan a bit too while his sister checked in. It's going to be crazy tonight. I hope I still have a parking space after I go to Ryan's. Since it'll be late I should. I think it's funny that our hall, which is co-ed, is all male except for the 4 of us (Marie, Erinn, Kim, and I). A lot of them are freshman because I checked some of them in.

Oh, and Wednesday when I drove into Houghton I was so excited that I immediately started smiling when I saw the Rozsa.


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