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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

my audition

I did mail by myself till I had to leave for my audition. Aubrey never showed up. So I get to my audition early hoping to start early, but there was jazz band rehersing. Finally I get to audition and I immediately asked him about me missing 3 rehersals and he said to just email him about it. THen I started and played ok. I've done better in sound quality, but my technique was pretty good today compared to yesterday. I wasn't nervous at all, either. Then I played my slow piece then attempted the chromatic scale up to what I know. Attempted is too strong of a word. I did it, but I didn't try to go higher up to my full range (which is a whole extra octave). Then he had a hard time finding a sight reading piece for me. It was actually a cello part that was in C and I normally play in B-flat so I had to remember all natural. THere was one little part I messed up on so after I finished he let me do it again just to get it right so I was happy with it. He said I had a good audition and I told me about KSO and how he wasn't sure how many openings tehre were. I didn't even say I was interested in it, but hey, if I get in (it's hard to because it's a community band as well) I'll take it. Then I mentioned how I was going to be a music major and he said, "Yeah, you mentioned that." I did NOT mention that. He's weird, but nice so whatever.


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