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Wednesday, September 03, 2003


so the last song we played for wind symphony was incredible familiar but then i realized finally at the end that I had played this song before, at Elgin, first semester senior year, in a much abridged format. This original is much harder and like 3 pages. I played a 1 or 2 page version that was MUCH easier. Andrea, one of the new bassoonists finally got an instrument so she played today. She's nice. The girl to the right of me, a senior graduating in a semester, I think her name is megan, is quite annoying. She hums along out of tune and is off beats. She makes stupid comments much like smelly stalker Tim and she took my music today to make copies, even though she doesn't have a bassoon yet and can't practice it and she probably won't get one till next week. Now I can't practice. I keep thinking it's Thursday. Andrea told Alton that I was gonna be a music major, so that's how he knew. I have no idea if I'm spelling his name right.


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