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Monday, June 24, 2002

I had my graduation party yesterday, and I had the most fun I've ever had in my whole life! It was my first party that I've thrown, and I'm quite proud of it. Liz came over early and helped me set up after we played Mhing several times and she kept winning... grr. Oh, and she has a blog now- . She's also member number 2 of my fan club! WOO!!! Anyway, after playing Mhing she watched me make a sign for my party that took me half an hour since I kept misspelling things and couldn't decide whether to call Amica (our dog) a man-eating Anaconda (which I did). Then we went outside and listened to music and she watched me get WAY excited when our first guests arrived, Lindsay and Adam. Soon after Michelle came and then Lauren, Kevin, Dustin, and Kim. Basically here's who came: those I listed, John, Kristen, Neal, Sarah, James, Kyle, and... I think that's it. I hope I didn't forget anyone, because if I did then I suck! We played a lot of volleyball (and my dad thought it'd be too hot to play, pish), badminton, frisbee/soccer monkey in the middle (using the volleyball), croquet, ImaginIff, and capture the flag. We never actually saw the concert, but it was no big deal because my party was funner anyway. We had enough food "to feed a small army" as Liz put it nicely. I must say, I'm going to be eating chicken and beef for a month (never mind that I'm going to be gone for 2 weeks in Europe). The party officially ended around 1:15 AM, so it was quite long and quite fun. While playing capture the flag I was a little put out because Kim wouldn't let me do anything but guard jail (because I'm not supposed to be doing strenuous exercise) but the second time she didn't care and I wasn't put out anymore. I must say, my yard is a horrible place for capture the flag because it's too easily a stalemate. And I run faster than Kyle thought, which was fun when I tackled him. I did a lot of running around and stuff, so my heart wasn't too happy at me but I don't care! Today I realized that I haven't had gym in 4 years and badminton in a year, so I'm a bit out of shape. Translate: my butt muscles are sore. My 4th toe on my right foot is dark purple and I thought I had broken it like Michelle did to hers, but according to the doctor it's alright. My leg looks like one giant bruise, mostly from me diving for the ball during frisbee/soccer keep-away. It doesn't hurt, and it was well worth it because rolling on the ground is fun. I have lots of teeny bruises on my wrist from volleyball (where I learned how to serve, and now can hit it sometimes in retaliation!). I bruise easily, and it's worse since I'm taking aspirin and that makes bruising easier. Stupid aspirin suppose to help my heart (which slowed down a couple days ago and scared the heck out of me). Speaking of heck, I actually said hella yesterday and it surprised me since I don't normally swear or whatever.

Now to speak of other things... Neal had a lot of fun, which is way exciting for me. I'm very glad! I have a lot to say to him right now, but he's not on so it's quite frustrating. I actually came to a realization that when I said I couldn't comprehend that he likes me, I meant that I couldn't accept it. I can't believe I looked in the thesaurus for that word and couldn't find it. I'm so stupid. I also came to the scary realization that he is basically what I always have imagined my soul mate to be like, and I hope he doesn't find that out cuz that would certainly mess things up. I also realized that he accepts me as a whole, which is what my deepest wish has been- to find someone who understands me (AKA accepts all of me). It's scary... I didn't think I'd find it, especially since none of my friends really accept all of me.

Want to hear a funny story? Of course you do! Saturday night (AKA 1 AM Sunday morning) I was hungry and I couldn't understand why. Then I realized that I had not had a big lunch like I thought I did. I actually only ate 1 cookie (out of the ones I made for John), a few pieces of popcorn chicken from KFC, and 1 piece of pizza. No wonder I was starving! I felt pretty foolish after that. Actually, today I've only had 1 piece of chicken since I didn't have time to eat until I got back from guitar lessons around 7:45. Since I had to clean up from my party, I didn't eat till even later and now I'm not hungry anymore. I've been running errands all day and tomorrow I have to wake up early to take my mom somewhere at 7:30. It sucks.

Want to hear another funny story? Laura put a liter of pop in the freezer. We told her to put it in the basement to keep it cold, and she translated that to mean the freezer. When we realized it the next day, it was very frozen and we took it outside to explode.

I've decided to apply to Michigan Tech this year. It has everything I want- the major, the minor, the clubs, the price, the Neal, the state, the size... It's perfect. I'm doing it against my dad's wishes (he's forbbiden me to apply for this year- he's never put his foot down in his life so I'm taking a great risk since I don't know how he'll react). I'm going to finish the application today and get my transcript tomorrow then send it off. Hopefully I'll be accepted, and then we'll have to let Augustana know. I only chose Augustana because it was the first one I was accepted into and I didn't have to write an essay. I was stupid. Luckily Michigan Tech has rolling applications which means it has no deadlines. What a sweet thing it is.

This was awfully long, and I realized that I should have written more about my college problems before. You have the shortened version.


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