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Saturday, August 10, 2002

I forgot to say that John taught me how to use my gears! I never knew how, so now biking is so much easier. Also, I think I have 21 speeds but I'm not entirely sure if I calculated that right. I'm not a big bike head. I saw Annie for the last time today. She actually doesn't have a job in Minnesota- she was just visiting. I tried the new Pepsi Blue today. It's berry flavored and ok, but it makes you burp a nasty smell. I also had lots of merangue cookies which will be the death of me and the ruin of my diet. I have only 5 more pounds to go! I think my next poem is going to be an elegy. I didn't get to tell Neal because he was leaving to see a movie with Yamil so now I must wait for him to return. *sigh* I've posted a lot today.


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