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Saturday, August 10, 2002

I got up today at 10 and started taking my shower. About halfway through John (my diet buddy) arrived at my house. He was supposed to arrive at 11, but he didn't for some reason that's unknown to me. Anyway, I hurried through my shower and then we went bike riding to Taylor St. Pizza where we got some drinks and talked to Jackie. There was a car show going on, so we walked around. The cars there were AWESOME! There were hot rods and corvettes and lots of old cars. I saw a lime green one that was awesome, but I fell in love with the car next to it- a 1970 Coronet. 440 engine, automatic transmission, dice locks (neato), comfy seats, it was awesome! I hung around it for 10 minutes talking to the guy who owned it. There were only 3 cars being sold at the show, and this was one of them. It was only $3500! I wanted it SOOOOO badly. I told my parents (after my 1 1/2 bike ride) and my mom called Uncle Joe (who's obsessed with old cars) to find out about it and he said that type it worth $300, so my mom said no. However, one spring break Uncle Joe may fly in from California to help me buy a car. I can't wait! Today is going to be my last day at work, and my last day EVER seeing Annie since she has a job in Minnesota now. Yesterday was my last day seeing Ricky (he's in Canada now). I'm sad.

I'm so much trouble to upkeep. I feel bad for Neal. I wasn't cool last night... got depressed again. It was serious again. I promised I'd tell Neal, but I haven't yet because I'm waiting for him to ask. I'm putting it off since it involves him.


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