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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

WOO!! I don't smell fleshy anymore!! It's because I lost a couple of the pounds I gained, so now I'm down to about 7 pounds more than I want to be. Also, I am officially on my own for 2 days! My family went to Lake Geneva a couple hours ago and aren't coming back till Friday evening, so I am alone till then. No dog, no family, just me. Unfortunetely tomorrow I won't be able to take advantage of it because I'm spending the day on Janet's boat. She promised me I'd go on it and she's finally making good. It's going to be WAY fun. It's in Wisconsin and I may have to drive people up there, which should be interesting considering I've never driven that far before alone. However, it'll be worth it. I watched the Harry Potter dvd today on my new computer and it was quite annoying to find the never-before-seen footage because I had to buy a wand and then mix some potions and other kid things before I could get to the new scenes. I had to ask Laura for help because it wasn't obvious where to find them. After that I visited Sarah at work and got some crab rangoon (yummy) and then burned her a cd (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and then that brings me up to now (other than sitting around).

Ew, it smells like skunk right now.


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