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Friday, August 09, 2002

Ok, I have the LONGEST story to tell of my day EVER. On my way to Janet's I stopped at Elgin High School, but first I had to go back home because I had forgotten my cell phone. Anyway, I returned my bassoon but Mr. Leff wasn't there for me to get my tape from, so he owes me $5. I asked when yearbooks are coming in, and they won't be here till the 19th which sucks because I'll be in Michigan by then so I need someone to pick them up for me. Well, we left Janet's an hour late because Andrew needed gas and Kim had to go home and get her camera. After an hour and a half (this is important, the time) we arrived at the marina. Prinke had gone ahead because we weren't speeding like she was and were going too slow. We were on the boat till 10:30, after arriving there around 2. I ate SOOOOO much that I'm sure I'm a big fat pig. It was fun, and they convinced me to go swimming in Lake Michigan which WASN'T fun because I have a phobia of bodies of water and when I entered the water I started coming close to hyperventilating. Eventually I got over it, but I wasn't too happy. Anyway, stuff happened and then we had to go home. Janet took us a crazy way there and she had forgotten some steps in the directions, so I thought I'd take the expressway like everyone else. I asked Michelle which way to go and she said, "94 to 294 to 90." I asked which directions and she said, "west and south all the way." Well, I didn't want to go by myself so I told John I could take him home since he lives closer to me than Prinke, who was originally going to drive him home. It was a mistake, because John is horrible with directions. He once was going to woodfield mall and instead he ended up in Chicago. Anyway, I ignored my instincts which got me in trouble. I was behind Kim so when she turned on 94 W I followed, but I didn't think it was right but since I don't know highways I thought nothing of it. She was stuck behind a slow truck so I passed her and kept going. And going. And going, not seeing 294. Soon we arrived in Milwaukee and I knew that was WAY wrong since we had started out in Illinois, on the border. Then I decided to take 43 S since I knew south was a good direction to go. Little did I know that 43 goes at an angle WEST so it was taking longer. We FINALLY made it to Rockford by 1:00 (it had been 10:45 when we left) so already a LOT of time had passed. From there we had caught 90 and I made it to John's house safely (after explaining to him that we live between Rockford and Chicago). Apparently people had tried to call both of us, but my cell was dead and John's wasn't on. We determined that they figured out their mistake and tried to let us know before it was too late. I eventually made it home at 2:15, which means it took a grand total of 3 1/2 hours, instead of 1 1/2. I took a look at a map and 94 only goes north/south so I don't know why the signs were labeled as east/west which really SUCKS. So, we took the north one of course because John had told me to follow Kim and Michelle had given me bad directions. I mean, really. Who would go east when you're already at Lake Michigan? There's nowhere to go from there except into the water! I hope everyone else made it home alright.


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