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Saturday, August 10, 2002

Let's see, I spent yesterday with Neal on the hammock. My family decided to come home early. When my mom said "See you in the evening" she really meant "See you around 3:00" because she called around 2 to say they were 45 minutes away and I was like, "Ok.... now I won't be having that privacy." I didn't say that of course. Anyway, Allison gave me a bracelet that she and Laura had identical ones too, as a graduation present. I think that's the coolest thing, and I really like the bracelet. She was wearing it and she said that she was building a connection so that when I wear it I'll steal her heat. I put it on and then I was warm, which was really freaky. Work was boring. Ricky's going to Toronto and Niagra Falls, the same vacation I took last year, so I told him he HAD to visit the African Lion Safari with his kids. They'd love it. After that I called my roommate on the way to Kim's (my last time to see Janet before she leaves for Purdue) and it's sooooo weird. We both have 2 sisters (hers are older), we both are totally in love with Orlando Bloom, we like Star Wars and LOTR, and we both play flute. She's really cool and I'm glad that we get along. At Kim's we watched The Wash, which had Snoop Dogg in it, Shaq, Ludricrous, and Dr. Dre. It wasn't that great. I suggest you rent I'm Gonna Git You Sucka instead, it's much funnier. I said my goodbyes to people since I probably won't see them again. Oh, and while I was at Kim's I spilled code red on my new weezer shirt so I'm wearing one of her shirts now and mine had to soak. Luckily it all got out. She also has my Doors cd.

Song of the day ~ Over You by Modern Day Hero


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