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Monday, August 12, 2002

Today church was outside and it was my last day in church. It was sooooo hot and now my legs are REALLY tan, at least for me the paley. Afterwards there was a potluck lunch and I ate SOOOOOOO much. Then we went shopping and I bought WAY too much. After playing Heroes of Might and Magic IV on my computer, we went to see 1776. I saw Mr. Jones there, my 8th grade gym teacher. He was 2 rows in front of me. All through the musical Pennsylvania was voting against independency. When they finalyl voted for, some lady a couple seats to my left shouted out "YES!!" as if she didn't know that was going to happen. I started cracking up. How could she not know the end of the play? The Declaration gets signed and we become a country! A random thing I forgot to say yesterday- Saturday I saw a dead crow in our ditch and my parents were thinking it died from the West Nile virus or whatever it's called. There was a car with the license plate SPRTDE 1 and the D looked like an O and we thought it was Spare Toe, not Sporty One. Also, a couple days ago I found out I live in the West Suburbs of Chicago, not the Northwest Suburbs. I feel so deceived, because we always take the Northwest Suburbs exit off from expressways and tollways. I'm soooo close, about 10 minutes away from being the Northwest Suburbs.

"Where's the cover?" ~My mom, looking for what page the cover was on her program

Song of the day ~ Till Then from 1776. I don't get this song. Abigal Adams says that all the New Englanders want pins. Don't they already have pins? Why would they need more? Can't they reuse the pins they have? I don't understand it.


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