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Friday, August 23, 2002

Man, I've been behind on my blogging. I haven't had time because I've been spending so much time with Neal. It's great, and things are getting... not what I expected, that's for sure. I think the freedom is getting to us. Actually, I've spent so much time with Neal that I haven't really met anyone else. I mean, I know plenty of people but I don't know where to find them to hang out with so it's like whatever. Yesterday I had to register and it was sooooo frustrating because the class I needed to take to replace a required class I APed out of wouldn't fit in my schedule, and I couldn't find anything that did but Intro to Philosophy which is totally useless. I couldn't change the offending classes because that would require changing 3 others because everything is scheduled in blocks. I'm taking Social Dance, which is good because I need to learn how to dance. I get to tango and swing dance and waltz and lots of stuff. Um, yeah.

Song of the day ~ Where Is My Mind? by The Pixies


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