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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Song of the day ~ I'll Make You Mine by TWOMARLOWE

I got my new computer today!!!! I spent an hour trying to get it up the stairs and then figuring out where the heck the cd, dvd, floppy, etc drives were. Then I had to find the key to open up the place where they were hidden. Anyway, it took so long because I was only one home and had to carry 2 big and HEAVY boxes upstairs and then move the old one (the doorstop) downstairs. Now my room has no floor and my bed is a mess, so if I don't get this done today I can't sleep. Well, after that hour I connected the keyboard and mouse and then attempted the monitor. It's an lcd monitor which is way cool, but it came in the wall-mounting position. I tried to change that, but it wouldn't budge so I had to unscrew everything and try that. Unfortuntely the washers are REALLY tight and when I tried to unscrew them the metal just got messed up and marked. After spending an hour trying to change the stupid position of the monitor, I got hungry and went downstairs. I then tried to make myself a mango shake, except that the mango wasn't ripe and we had no vanilla ice cream so it ended up being a cherry shake with a little mango flavor (because I used New York Cherry ice cream). It was good nonetheless. That brings us up to now. After this I'm going to try to work on the monitor again, or just give up and move on. I was hoping Neal'd be on so he could help me, but he's a bum. He said he'd call me if he got bored and he's come over, but I've received no phone call so I'm guessing he didn't get bored. Anyway, it's back to working or perhaps riding my bike since it's cold out and it'll make me warm. I'm so cold that I'm wearing pants! In August!! It's insane, stupid low 70s. I need someone to make me warm!


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