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Thursday, September 12, 2002

Allison claims that I read the dictionary when I was younger. How does she know? She's younger than me! Besides, it wasn't like I purposely read words. Our childresn dictionary had fun word puzzles in the front that I liked doing. And I read the encyclopedia, not the dictionary. I had fun looking at the gloss anatomy pages because they were clear and each page added a layer. And Childcraft is the best ever. I've read those books all the way through SO many times, and that's probably why I'm smart. My kids are getting Childcraft, no doubt about it, although now it's getting stupid.

Still no phone call from the doctor, but I got lots of fun pictures of me cousin Alexis. Neal is out playing basketball and he said he'd be back by 8 but it's past then by 20 minutes and he's still not back. While I was doing laundry I played BS with Marie and Erinn, and I BSed Marie's 4 two's without thinking so I got a huge pile but I ended up winning so HA! Apparently there's a guy up here who is from Elgin so now I have to find him. Erinn went with the crazy lady again to their Bible study thing. I said no very strongly, and besides, then I wouldn't get my hour with Neal (who STILL isn't back and is making me anxious). I'm most likely going to Florida for spring break! WOO! And Neal can come with, if he wants to and it's ok with his parents and all. We'd just have to figure out sleeping arrangements, because I know Aunt Linda won't let him sleep in the same room as me. They have an air mattress and 1 double bed open, since Uncle Bruce's mom is in the other open bed. Double bed is inviting, but no, that's just wrong to do anything in someone else's house other than mine or Neal's. Don't look at me that way! Spring break is like 5 1/2 months away, so it's bound to happen!

Song of the day ~ White America by Eminem


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