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Monday, September 09, 2002

Today sucks, today sucks. Why? Because I'm STILL bleeding which makes it exactly 2 weeks which means I've probably lost a WHOLE heck of a lot of blood. Which would explain why I feel so faint and dizzy and get headaches and fevers. I'm pretty sure I'm anemic right now, unless I have some weird wacko flu. I called the health center but they were busy so I walked up there and the only time that was free was 4:15 today but I have a class then. Tomorrow there are no openings, but if I call tomorrow morning at 8 there may be a cancellation. If not then, then I just hope I can get a time REAL soon because this is not cool. I don't want to faint. Right now I have a temperature of 98.7 which isn't a fever but I had also just drunk something cold so I probably do have a fever. No headache yet... But who knows?

Mike actually came to chem today but left in the middle because if he didn't he was "gonna die." He borrowed a dollar for who knows what. He smelled like smoke, but not cigarette smoke... He said he was going to stop by tonight to pay me back. He also had cigarette burns on his arm that looked pretty nasty. We slow danced in my social dance class, so now I can go to dances and not look too much like a fool. At least I will be able to dance at my wedding, whenever that is. I haven't seen much of Neal today. :( Hopefully we'll be able to spend a couple hours together tonight.

Song of the day ~ Secret Asian Man by the Capital Steps


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