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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Ok, so a lot is up. I woke up with a fever of 100.2. I called Houghton Community Health Center and there was only 1 opening at it was during my engineering class again. The first opening they had after then was next Monday, so they gave me a phone number to call in Hancock. I called there and there were no openings I could go to, so that place gave me the phone number of the hospital. I called and they called back saying they wanted to see me. The other places kept telling me to call my doctor, but this place decided that since I'm getting dizzy and fevers and headaches they wanted to see me. They could only fit me in at 1, but I can't get a ride till 1:30. However, I was able to get an appointment tomorrow for 3:00 and now I need to find a ride. If I can't, then I'm supposed to call and reschedule. I'm excited that I'm finally going to get fixed. I moved my really light backpack with 2 books in it 2 ft and I was tired. That's how bad I am now. I stand up and I get tired and my legs shake. I think it's from loss of blood and the lack of iron, which sucks since now I'm supposed to get my period and it's going really strong again. I sit down and my head throbs. I feel like I'm a weakling. Oh, and my heart was hurting before after going up lots of stairs which is probably because I'm so darn tired from loss of blood. It sucks. I hope I don't need a blood transfusion. I think we found out I am type O... which is hard to find. At least I get to be cool with a rare blood type! WOO! I also made an appointment for counseling on Friday, so hopefully I will be helped through my anxiety. I think I catastrophize some things, which is not cool, besides worrying too much. I'm excited about finally getting help for my depression and stuff.

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