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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

The FUNNIEST things happened today. First I was in Neal's room and Matt (his new roommate) and some other guy were there building the ladder to the loft. I mentioned how it was good to have a ladder since I couldn't get to the beds and Matt asked, "What do you need to get to the beds for?" I replied, "Uh... sitting." And he said, "Sitting, so that is what you call it now eh? You're in college now, we know what goes on." I totally wasn't implying anything, but it was really funny. Then I was talking online and I decided to IM Erinn who was sitting right next to me and she didn't know who it was and it was soooo funny.

OK, then we went to Walmart and I had to buy some pads because I brought 1 package and I'm almost done with it. Stupid birth control pills, making the period last a week instead of the 4 days or so it used to be. Anyway, I bought 3 packages and Erinn and Marie were making fun of me because I had so many. Neal was kinda funny being in the pad isle. Hee hee. Anyway, we all ended up buying movies. I bought Mannequin (AWESOME 80s movie). I saw A Wiggly Safari and I almost bought that because it has The Crocodile Hunter in it!!!! NEAT!!!! Neal was making fun of me saying, "I'm surprised you aren't buying Bob the Builder" and I started singing the theme song and he ran away because of it. I also saw Escape From New York with Kurt Russell and it made me think of Escape From L.A. I saw that and it had a Che lookalike in it, which was awesome. Anyway, that one didn't have mole people like it supposedly did (according to Mrs. Percoco and Melissa) so I bet it's Escape From New York that does. So anyway, we checked out and after arriving back at the college parking lot we walked back to the dorm and there was this really steep hill that I slipped on since it was dewy and fell and I started cracking up. Marie, Erinn, and Neal kept making fun of me with my pads after my bag broke because the pads closed the hole and I commented about how they were good for more than normally thought of. Well, I don't quite remember what was said but it was soooooo funny that I cracked up and had to pee and couldn't walk and it was bad. It was my classic gigglitis, which I haven't truly had in a long time. It's great having such great friends here.


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