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Monday, September 02, 2002

Man, there was this wicked cool thunder storm and is was crazy. The flooding was nuts, with water rushing down the stairs from the 3rd floor door (it was even closed) and the water was about 2" deep. Out in the street it was about a foot or deeper and it was past people's knees. People were running through it and swimming and it was awesome. Cars would rushed through and create waves at least 6' tall and it was like a fun ride. Some people played ultimate friesbee and slid in the water with a plastic sled. Others were mud wrestling and throwing mud. I was on the 5th floor with Neal, so I got a perfect view out his window. Others were video taping it and making pictures and soon I will have the link to a webpage that one guy is creating for it. Even more were running and sliding in the mud. It was frickin' awesome.

Song of the day ~ Generator by the Foo Fighters


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