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Saturday, August 31, 2002

Grrr, today the laundry room is insanely busy. Washing was fine but there weren't enough driers. The one I chose had a quarter stuck in it, so I had to wait for another and people kept yoinking them out of turn. One guy insisted on folding his clothes before he took them out of whatever, so he took forever and made things backed up even more. However, Shout is a beautiful thing for getting out stains. Ahhh, lovely. I hate birth control pills because they make my body crazy and bloodier than usual. However, woo! Protection and regularity! Dave was down there and we talked a bit and he totally wants to ask me out because he asked about Neal (not by name) in a teasing kind of voice. I can't explain it, but he totally is waiting for us to break up. While I was waiting for my stuff to be done I checked my mail and my sheets came in. Woo! We originally had accidentely bought 2 different fitted sheets of the same color instead of a fitted and a flat so my mom had to order a flat sheet. Yay! Now I can mix and match!


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