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Friday, September 06, 2002

I went to K-day today and it was ok. K-day is basically the college's made up holiday to celebrate the Keweenaw Peninsula. Basically classes ended at 12 and then people went over to the state park and hung out. I have no classes after 12 on Fridays so I didn't miss anything, but Neal missed all his classes! I went up there with Marie, Erinn, and Neal. We ate and then walked around and listened to the bands and get free stuff like cds. I entered a few drawings and signed up for a few mailing lists (the anime club and the robotics one). Neal ditched me to play volleyball without saying anything, which made me sad. Then when he was done and we sat together he got up to talk to some people so I was left by myself. Eventually he came back and seemed like he felt bad about it, so it didn't make me as sad as I had felt. I managed to control my feelings today, which was good because I examined Neal's behavior and it wasn't like he was shunning me afterwards, so he was just being a typical guy. We went to Walmart again because we left early and hitched a ride with people from his floor. I know more people on his floor than mine! Anyway, then he was hungry so he went to eat and do stuff in his room I guess, because he hasn't come back yet. That's ok. I ate way too much anyway. Tomorrow we're starting me on some exercises.

"I heard something on the radio about the Wiggles the other day, and my parents were like, what the heck is the Wiggles, and then I piped up from the back seat spouting all this Wiggles trivia, finishing off with '......and I have one of their CDs!' They just looked at me like, who the heck are you? It was funny." ~Melissa

Song of the day ~ Dosed by Red Hot Chili Peppers


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