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Friday, September 06, 2002

Ugh, I had this headache that I've had all day and it won't go away. Well, it's past midnight so basically I had it yesterday and today. I also have a small fever which sucks. I took aspirin but it didn't help so I'm hoping getting lots of sleep will help. I took a nap yesterday after I got back from K-day. It was for about 2 hours, and then I watched Coyote Ugly with Erinn and Marie. Neal either hasn't come back from his thing or he just hasn't chosen to go online. :( I barely got to see him and stuff yesterday and it makes me sad. I was thinking today about what I'd do if Neal came back and emailed me telling me that he wanted to break up because he met a nice girl and I got all sad. I would have cried if Erinn and Marie weren't around and I wasn't being stupid. I know Neal wouldn't do that. Kim Winfrey asked me about Jessa and I surprised how she knew. Apparently Jess told her, I bet Lindsay told Jess. Um, I probably should sleep and hopefully get better.

Song of the day ~ By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers


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