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Sunday, May 11, 2003

The winds we had last night were up to 60 mph, which is like big tornado winds. Luckily we didn't have any tornados, but channel 5 news was out by my church filming the damage. It was on tv. I saw some trees that had been completely knocked down. The winds are still blowing strong. I had to get to church early today because my mom was donating blood but she ended up being rejected because she was bit by a dog in the past year. That means basically my whole family can never donate again. They tried to convince me to donate but I have a huge phobia of needles, and I've been bitten by Amica. Anyone who donates or attempts to donate gets to enter a contest to win a free car (a convertable) but it's like a 1 in 52,000 chance. Apparently everyone at church who was going to donate was rejected. One person had a runny nose, 3 went out of the country in the past year, 1 had her blood clog right before it was done so there wasn't any to test to see if it was good, and who knows what else occured. We didn't really do anything special for Mother's Day. We got Brown's Chicken but it wasn't as good as it normally is. The Survivor finale was good. I totally didn't expect Jenna to win, and Matt looked so different when he gained weight! Heidi's hair just looked plain disgusting. It was all cut different lengths and UGH. Neal and I argued again today, because we're both crabby with lack of sleep. He was up all night at a lan party and I was up half the night because of the tornado warnings. Besides, he doesn't have any backbone against his parents. He never sticks up for himself. He assumes they'll say no so he never asks to go anywhere, and he never expresses his opinions to them at all. He was going to watch survivor today but then didn't because they wanted to watch a movie, even though they could watch that movie any time. He didn't even tell them he was planning to watch survivor. He just gave up before he started, and that pisses me off.

"I love you with bunches of oats!" ~Me"

"eww, Neal's a weirdy peirdy!" ~Mel

"my world cultures paper is the equivilent of 50 lbs of bullshit tucked inside 209 words" ~Derek


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