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Sunday, May 18, 2003

My mom foolishly gave me the task to putting some clothes in the dryer while the rest of the family is off at a bookstore (I didn't go because I have at least 20 books I haven't read yet). I shrink clothes that have already been shrunk, so I have refused to do the task. I did fold the clothes that were already in there. They weren't all the way dry, but of course I'm not going to dry them more and then shrink them. While I was attempting to fold a tableclothe I was backing up so it could lay out flat and I backed into a box of shoes my mom had placed in the middle of the floor, thus I fell over them and fell on my butt, scraping myself in the process and now I have a puncture in my foot from the plastic box. While I was falling I also hit the table and the couch, along with a chair and several cardboard boxes of garbage from Alli (who does nothing but sit and eat).


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