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Saturday, June 14, 2003

i bet you don't even know we're a democracy

So I got this neomail from some girl:
Subject: i feel srry 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ur shop doesnt have very much stuff in it so i bought everything hopefully ul us ethe money 2 buy somethin useful

It annoyed me because the items in my shop are things I got for free and am just trying to get rid of, and she had the audacity to feel sorry for me because I wasn't rich like her. It made me quite mad, so I replied to her with this:
I would rather you don't feel sorry for me, because the items in my shop are things i want to get rid of and I really have no care for profit. I play neopets for fun, not for capitalistic monopolies that would require me to have 100 items in my shop. Not everyone plays the game like you do, so please don't ask me to buy what you consider as "more useful items." There are plenty of other capitalists out there who can satisfy you.

Looking at her spelling, I doubt she even knows what a capitalist is.

In other news, Dairy Queen now has cotton candy blizzards but this was unbeknownst to be until after I purchased my reeses peanut butter cup blizzard. It looks like tomorrow I'm getting more ice cream. Also, I saw the beginning of Darkness Falls and this looks like one movie that I can't see at night or I'll get nightmares.


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