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Thursday, June 12, 2003

party time!

At Laura's party we played 2 games of laser tag. The first time was everyone against everyone and I was in 4th most of the time but then game in 5th. Melissa was 3rd, after being 2nd most of the time. It was out of 10 people, so that was pretty good considering that this was the 2nd time I've ever played. The 2nd game we were in teams, 5-6. I was on the smaller team with my dad, Pam, Sean, and Melissa. Our team lost because the other team had good people and I came in 10 out of 11 and Melissa was 8th. I ate soooooo much today. I played skiball with my tokens and I got 80 tickets. I usually got like 4 tickets, but one game I got over 500,000 so I got the jackpot and that was 35 tickets at the time. Melissa won the jackpot later on but she only got 18 because it hadn't gotten as high. She's really good, because she got several 100,000s. Afterwards we came back to my house. People drive insanely. We played cards and looked at pictures. Tomorrow we plan on going to the thrift store, then I go to work, then Neal is coming over to help fix my computer.


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