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Thursday, June 12, 2003

My new baby!!!!!

I woke up this morning at 9 and went downstairs to find Crazy Karen in our living room!!! I haven't seen her in the longest time, and she's like an aunt to me. She and her family used to live across the street and she'd come over all the time. They moved away several years ago and this is the 2nd time she's visited. She's really fun to be with. After she left I took a shower and stuff and then called Melissa to see if she'd want to come to Laura's b-day party since some people couldn't make it. Then I went to the nursery with my dad and Laura (he took a day off) and it was so cool! I'm gonna start designing my dream house and then go there again to write down all the flowers I want in my garden. I saw lots of cool ones, but I fell in love with the African Daisy. Daisies are my favorite. I convinced my dad to get me the Orange Symphony kind, and a pot and stuff. They have orange petals and a purple inside. My dad watered them too much though, because it says moist soil not wet, but he like made it really wet. I hope they survive, and I hope there's enough light in my room for them. It's my baby. When I was at the nursey I sat down unfortunetely in a puddle so then I spent the rest of the time trying to hide my wet butt. Not fun.


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