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Friday, June 27, 2003

i hate work

So last night Neal came over and about 5 minutes before he arrived Kim called saying we were going to Lauren's house, except that Lauren wasn't answering. I told her me might go. We ended up watching Pleasantville and by the time that was done it was pretty late and we weren't inclined to go to Lauren's when we both had to get up early.

Today I work 9-4 then go home for half an hour for lunch (since I don't get a lunch at work today) then I work 5-8 by myself (since Sarah and John are in Vermont) then I go home and eat dinner. My family is going someplace because my dad took a day off but I have to miss it. This does not please me. Next week I work July 4th 7-12, then work 5-8, then my family is having a bbq and with the fireworks I'm going to be up late. Then I have to get up at 5:30 to work 7-12 again on Saturday. I'm going to see if someone will take my hours because getting up at 5:30 2 days in a row, especially on a holiday, just sucks.


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