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Sunday, June 22, 2003

quick update

Ok, a quick update before I go to church. Yesterday I went to work, then to Neal's house (it was our 11 month) and he made me a pizza because I hadn't had anything to eat all day. This was at 3, 3:30. Awwww. Then I got to see his baby pictures, which made me really excited. After that I went to work again, stopping at Dairy Queen beforehand. Then after work I came home and talked to Liz and Alli. Liz spent the night and then we're meeting her mom at Fox Valley mall today. Anyway, last night we decided we were going to that fortune teller on 59 I've always wanted to go to so we drove there but it was closed. Every time I've passed it it's open, and Liz said it's always open at like 10 pm so we didn't know why it was closed at 8:45. :( This made us sad, but I was a little relieved since my dad told me all these stories, like to not end up owing a whole bunch and to not give them my credit card, etc. We came back home and sat around until I was very tired and went to bed. It figures I woke up at 6 am again, for no good reason. Now we go to church and then the mall and then I go to work.

I still haven't found my battery cover.


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