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Sunday, June 22, 2003

bindis and husbands

So I'm at work at at 7 pm I realize, "CRAP! I haven't taken my birth control pill today!" That's 7 hours late, and really NOT GOOD. You're supposed to take them at the same time each day or they'll mess your system up. I played Mhing after church with Liz, Alli, and my mom. I won 8 games, and was being silly so I stuck the chips on my head. Liz started it with one, which we called a bindi. I said I thought bindis were worn by those that are married, so since I had 8 chips on my head (one for each win) I had 8 husbands. Oh gee, it was way fun. I like being silly.

"I like pungs. They rock my world." ~Alli, during Mhing


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