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Saturday, June 21, 2003

After work I went and met people at Baker's Square. 4 out of our 10 didn't eat a meal like the rest of us, and Lauren had specifically said we were eating dinner. Oh well. I had the last piece of chocolate peanut butter pie, and it was really good. Then Neal and I went to my house and I gave him the cupcakes I saved. We called Shorty to see if Bee's barbeque was still going on and it was, so Neal drove me over there and were were there for about an hour talking to people and smelling the beer (ewwww, beer). It was really cold, because I was in shorts and a t-shirt and it was like 60. THen we came back to my house and amazingly enough Amica didn't bark at us. She wanted to be petted instead, so we went to pet her and then she winked at us. Yes, she winked. We both saw it clearly. I didn't even know dogs could wink. What secret was she letting us in on? Or is it our secret she won't share (like she could)? I went to my room to go to bed, and when I was taking my monitor off from my clothes the battery fell out, which meant the back fell off AGAIN. I did a thorough search of my room and couldn't find it. This morning my mom searched also and couldn't find it. I know I had it before we went to Bee's after we stopped at my house because I went to the bathroom and the battery would have fallen out because I had to take it off. That means it's either in Neal's car, Bee's house, or somewhere in our house from when we returned. The wierd thing is that my shirt was over it the whole time so you'd think it'd be hard to fall.

I'm going to Neal's house after work today and then going back to work at my other job. I'm a little sunburned from when I was in the sun yesterday, just enough that I might tan. Liz is spending the night tonight but I find that impractical because I'm going to bed early since I've been up since 6 am and worked 2 jobs and so will be tired. Plus I have to get up at 8 tomorrow morning. Liz's mom arranged this, because Liz wants to see us but there are much better times than this weekend. I'm seeing her July 9th after all, for the opening of Pirates of the Carribean.


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