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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I'm stealing part of Derek's story, but only because it's awesome.
The Lunchbreak
So there i was sitting in my cubicle at 11:55 thinking to myself just 5 min till lunch . So i head over to chris's cube to ask a question...But he wasnt there. I knew something was wrong so i used my xray vision to scan the area, i looked left and saw nothing i looked right and saw ninjas and i looked left and saw nothing until it clicked that i saw ninjas, so i looked right again and they were almost upon me so i took MCGuyver out of my pocket and with my heat vision lit him aflame. Its common knowlege that the only thing more terrifying to ninjas than mcguyver is a flaming mcguyver, whilst i was going karate kid style on the ninjas, i look over to mcguyver and out of my paper clip, rubberfinger, and stack of credit disclosures, he had made a airplane big enough for 2, so we jetted up out of there and started to plan the rescue. NEXT THE RESCUE. Part 1 of 4


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