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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Today at work Erin told me to call her when I needed an advisor instead of going to her row. Earlier, a couple weeks ago, she told me NOT to call her! She says she's tired of getting in trouble and it's not my fault, but I'm sooo confused when she keeps changing her mind and then she's never around and I'm afraid to call and have her yell at me again. I got gas today and even though the needle was lower than when I got it last week, I filled up with less gas. Go figure. Additionally, apparently I still had lik 7 gallons left yet was at almost an eighth of a tank. I don't get it. I was emailed 3 different solutions to my midi program freezing, and none of the work. This blows. I tried installing it on the computer downstairs but it wouldn't install because it said the installation file was corrupt.


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