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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Work was pretty busy today, and I had one guy yell at me because we don't have a special department available that answers pool chemical questions. It's not my fault, but I tried to help him and I was taught everything that everyone else knows, so transferring him to someone else isn't going to help. Arg, and he thought I called him silly when I said that having a separate department was silly when that person would only get a couple phone calls. I work 29 hours next week, which I'm looking forward too since I've hardly had any hours.

I went to the doctor to get the one heart monitor taken off. Now I wait for the other to come in the mail. My license plates finally came! I had a banana pudding blizzard at Dairy Queen. It was a different Dairy Queen than we normally go to, but they were still owned by Indians. They messed up our order. :( When I got home I took a shower and tried to clean all the adhesive off my chest. The lady told me to use nail polish remover, so I rubbed it on and it BURNED SO MUCH. I was doubled over in pain, so I stopped and now I have a sticky chest. Not only that, but Fedex was dropping off the new heart recorder and I was in the shower at the time and my family wasn't home so they didn't deliver it. My mom was mad at me, but it wasn't my fault. When I was in my room I had my window open and no music on and I kept looking out my window and I never saw or heard them.


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