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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

i'm soooo tired

So my little heart with its "game" last night lasted till at least 4:30 am. I finally fell asleep sometime after 1, then woke up at 4:30 time it STILL happening, and an hour later when I woke up again it only happened once... but it's really scary, so we made an appointment with my doctor and he's going to call me today or tomorrow. Work was boring but busy since less of us were working. Alice was there, and I got a phone call from a lady saying she didn't get the $10 off she should have, so I pulled up the account and Alice had taken this call. The lady said she gave her source code and that Alice had repeated it back, but on the order it said "unknown" so I don't know what Alice was doing. I couldn't change the code, so I cancelled the order and reordered it all with the correct source code the lady got her $10 off. Since she had just placed the order like 5 minutes ago, it wasn't a problem. After work I renewed my birth control, then got the cotton candy blizzard at Dairy Queen. I got a medium which was a mistake only because there was waaaaaaaaaaay too much sugar in it. It was really good, but after a few bites the sugar was enough. You know how when cotton candy gets wet it gets kind of crunchy? It was like that mixed in with vanilla ice cream. Bowling tonight! Yeah!


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