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Monday, June 16, 2003

i've updated a lot today

I recently watched Real Women Have Curves, which I downloaded. It is really good, and now one of my favorite movies. I'm running out of room on my hard drive. I have 7 gb left, but i can't figure out where it went because I was at 12 last I checked. I guess i have way too much music and should probably burn some of my full cds or something. Either that or get another hard drive. At least I'm not to 1 gb yet. Then I'll get worried. My computer is really hot right now, but I put a fan in my window to blow some air on it. I went outside to play catch with Laura (we didn't have a bat so we couldn't actually play baseball) and I taught her how to throw a little better (because it was going to my feet). Anyway, I threw one at her and she missed it and it hit her leg. We heard this loud noise, like it hit wood or something. A minute later she got this huge purple bruise. ^_^;; I guess I throw too hard. We went in after that. At least I didn't throw it in her eye, like she did to Alli a few years ago. After we came in we folded clothes, I told my mom she had a migraine and told her some tips to make it better (since we're hosting LBW at 7:30 and people are over) and then when I was putting my clothes away I saw that one of my dresses had some weird sticky stuff on it, so I had to put it in the wash again.

Lauren's mom called to talk to my mom. After the conversation my mom told me that she had asked if Neal and I were in it for the long term and what my mom thought about that. My mom said that we were, and that she liked Neal but his parents were odd. I was surprised that Lauren's mom was asking about us. I know Lauren's a bit nosy (sorry Lauren, but it's true, and it's fine with me because I'm nosy too but I just don't voice my questions! I love you *mwah* ^_^) but I didn't know her mom was.


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