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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

the doctor

Dr. Dubrow called today and I told him about my heart thing. He told me to come in and get a holter monitor, an ekg done, and an event monitor. I'm wearing the holter one right now. It records for 24 hours straight then I return it. Tomorrow I'll receive the event monitor, which only records when I push the button. I had the ekg done and it looked fine, because of course now my heart doesn't want to act up. I'm sooooooo hot and I really don't want these monitors. I can't go swimming or anything, which sucks now that it's like 85 or something. I got some Ye's and when I left it was raining but it was perfectly sunny and really humid. I saw Dr Lane going from. He's my dentist. I'm going to Janet's today, but we're probably going to just sit around again, like usual.

I keep forgetting to say that on Monday I saw Melissa's dad on his motorcycle and Chris (Alli's friend) walking home from summer school. I need a nap. Sarah and Kim never called me about DeKalb, as I suspected. Sarah asked who wanted to come, but then yesterday Kim said she, Sarah, and Dustin was going, so I said I had wanted to go and that they should call me but they never did. This is why I always feel ditched.


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