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Monday, June 16, 2003


I have a few mosquito bites from yesterday. One on my elbow and one on the side of my hand. :( My flowers are up to 7!!! Yay! Yesterday Neal and I went miniature golfing and while last year I kicked his butt every time, yesterday he beat me 62-72 and par was 45, heh heh. Today I'm going to pick up my ring, so it better be ready. They said it would be ready last Friday, but they never called about it. THe last times they called and we weren't home they never left a message and then never called again. I'm not impressed about that, because how am I supposed to know when something's ready?

Yesterday my computer booted up, then restarted on its own, 3 times in a row. Something is definitely wrong, so I'm supposed to contact cyber power about that.


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