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Sunday, July 13, 2003

karma maybe?

When I was driving to Kim's house I decided to go a different route because Bartlett road raised its speed limit. So I'm driving along Bartlett road and there are a few cars ahead of me, and space between the next car and mine was a lot, at least another car's worth. A guy is on a bike in our lane, coming towards us. There's a sidewalk he could be on but he wasn't on it for who knows what reason. Anyway, the cars ahead of me move to the left to avoid him and I start moving too. I know he had plenty of room because I usually drive to the left anyway so that gives extra room in addition to moving over. So anyway, I'm moving over to the left and he flicks me off right out of nowhere! It wasn't because I didn't give him enough room because I hadn't passed him yet! He was still in front of me! He couldn't have meant it for the car ahead of me because he had long passed. I can't figure out what I did to deserve it. He must have wanted me to move all the way over and give him his own lane or something crazy. I don't understand and it put me in shock. I didn't hit him at all so he definitely had enough room to go by.


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