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Wednesday, July 30, 2003


Ok, so last night I bowled my NEW all-time high, 131. I got a spare in practically every frame. Last night in one of my dreams I was hearing a chain saw. Finally I was tired of hearing it, so I woke myself up and heard it really loud. I look out my window and I see a car with an orange flashing light on top driving by way faster than the speed limit, sounding like a chain saw. I tried to go back to bed but it was 2:20 and this car did NOT stop doing this till at least after 3. I tried closing my windows but it didn't help. It would stay 20 minutes in one neighborhood, then go to the next one and drive around for 20 minutes. It made me wonder if the car meant something important and I thought about telling my parents about it but I didn't want to wake them. I went back to sleep and unfortunetely I had to wake up again at 5:30. In addition, I need to figure out how I'm going to pick up my paycheck in the next couple of weeks, since no one will be home. Maybe they'll mail it to me.


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