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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Hazy Shade of Winter

Yesterday I bowled pretty well, well enough that we're still in first! The team we bowled against didn't show up at all, so it went quick. I bowl an 81, 120, and 111. 2 games over average! w00t! Mom, Alli, and Laura should be home at 3:30 but Alli doesn't want to work today so I gotta work. :p Gas is expensive too, and I need some but I refuse to pay over 1.60 so I have to conserve until it goes down. They went canoeing for 4 hours without sunscreen, the dumdums, and I mean that in the friendliest sense. ^_^ After bowling Neal and I went to Melissa's which was fun. Lots of fun quotes. Yeah, so I didn't type this in order at all, oh well. To explain the quotes:

Kim was telling John she knew a girl from Bangladesh who was easy and he could use as a call girl.

We were talking about going to a gentleman's club and we were discussing who'd be able to get in. We decided Sarah and Kim look old enough, and Melissa might except she'd be too nervous and that'd give her away, and I would if I dressed as a ho.

Then we were later saying Jessa hated Melissa and leaving notes everywhere that said, "Melissa, I hate you." We joked about her inserting one in some cheese, thus being called hate cheese.


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