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Monday, August 04, 2003


You're the School girl hero! Not your average hero
that saves people from the villain but the hero
of an anime that takes place in a
school...You're the student that everyone looks
up to....and if you're a guy....sorry about the
schoolGIRL thing...xP

What type of anime hero are you?
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I don't think this sounds good :(
You're a Cardassian!
You're a Cardassian! Intelligent and devious,
you're a bit of an enigma to those around you
and scientific to the core.

What Star Trek Race Are You?
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Oh gee...
Power Rangers Movie!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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Man, this doesn't seem right at all. I had so many different answers on this quiz. I also got virgo and libra. Poor Neal, no scorpio!

leo lover

You'll Fall in Love With A Leo!

You are attracted to people who steal the limelight, which means Leo's!

Just look for the most flamboyant and graceful person at a party, and that's your Leo.

Leo's bathe in the attention. And, they are quite good at getting it too!

Get your Leo alone and show him or her your charm!

Endless days will pass when you will be the only one in your Leo's life.

Eventually, your Leo will play hard to get (again).

Don't let your jealous feelings stop you from having a good time.

Since your Leo is so energetic and dynamic, he / she needs lots of playthings.

Watch your Leo roam freely - only to come home to you at night.

What Sign Should Your Lover Be?

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You know, I never did list everyone who went camping. Here it goes: Me, Neal, Bee, Renee, Shorty, Mindy, Ariel, Ben, Fred, Megan, Rob, Nikki, Rob, Jessica, Brandon, Paul, Jesse, Adrian. Geez, lots of people, but it was fun.


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