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Thursday, September 04, 2003



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i had a dream that Neal and I were getting married saturday and i didn't have anything ready so went to walmart to buy it all but the people there were disabled and mean so i went to shopko. before we left i opened up neal's wedding present to me and it was some barretts like some i already have. my mom, and sisters were with. walmart was actually at home, and where best buy is. we saw all the wedding party on the way to the car, all wearing business suits. my mom pointed out my dad and i saw derek. the car was in the "underground color" parking area which meant that we had to enter a shack and go underground and drive the shack away. the shack was filled with cocoa puffs and i had to stand in the back and i got claustrophobic and it was gross. we got to shopko and the people there were really nice so we got our stuff and left. oh, and there i saw kim and erinn. kim was buying condoms for roger and she was saying how they had sex all the time and i'm like, "so do i!" and erinn's like, "me too!" the funny thing is that this is totally not the case and so crazy. then i was on a train with alli filling out some papers and sorting out some winter gloves which didn't have matches and looking for one for alli. a guy walked by with some girls and he kept flirting with alli, which i thought was funny.


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