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Friday, September 05, 2003


In CS my ta did a handstand for us because he asked if we had any more questions and we asked if he could do one. K-Day was ok. We got there nice and early so we didn't have to wait in long lines for food. It was fun wandering around. There was this thing there where you pedal a bike and it goes in circles upside down and stuff. You raced against someone else and tried to see who went around the most. The current high was 31 in 1 minute. I went against Jeff, my RA and an avid biker. He got 22 and I got 19, but he was going backwards where it was harder. Most girls averaged 19 and the guys typically got a little higher. We both did it right after we ate (cotton candy too, yum) but luckily neither of us got sick. I felt like my legs cramped up though. THen we waited for the pep band to play. They were awesme and I got that on video. I have me on the ride on video too. Then Neal and I left (Erinn, Marie, and Kim stayed longer) and I realized I lost my sunglasses. We drove to Walmart and I bought some, plus cotton balls (they didn't have regular size, only jumbo, square, and circle... weirdos) and mouthwash and more stuff I don't need. Neal needed sweatpants for his softball game tomorrow. We get back to my car and there was a huge scruff mark on it, over 8" long. I tried to wipe it off and it just faded but is still there. It definitely wasn't there before because I have to manual lock my car so I take a look. I'm so mad that someone did this and didn't leave a note or anything. It better not cost a lot to get it fixed. I already need to get my oil changed and car vacuumed out and a car wash. Neal's currently reformatting my computer. I hope it gets better. We put everything I need to keep onto one of his hard drives. I won't be able to install everything since some of the disks are at home, but I have most of the important stuff. This is crucial that my computer work, because every item of homework I have due Monday needs a computer (my digital logic and cs program and revisions paper) and I haven't worked on any of it yet. I'm soooo stressed out and I'm already working 6 hours tomorrow. At least I'm not working Sunday. I forgot to say that at K-Day a guy there said to me, "Wads, East!" I'm like, "yeah..."
"Front desk!"
"You're from Chicago right?"
Apparently I talked to him the first day and we had talked about Chicago because he was from there and I TOTALLY don't remember but I pretended I did. Weird. I'm surprised he remembered me. He walked by the front desk today and said hi. I got my first paycheck, from like 3 weeks ago plus what I worked for training. 30 hours at 5.25 an hour. It says I can call a number and have it directly deposited so I'm gonna do that so I don't have to send it home every 2 weeks or get a bank account up here.


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