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Saturday, September 14, 2002

So Neal came in around 10:30. Apparently he went bowling with a whole bunch of guys so he didn't go to Breakers, which made me feel a WHOLE lot better. He hadn't seen my sign on the door yet. I explained to him how I felt and such and while I did so, several times I almost broke down crying. Anyway, I forgive him for not telling me, although I had wanted to go bowling and he should have known since I said it so many times. We hung out in his room, and apparently a lot of people read the note I wrote to him on the board, including Matt, and they were all like "Oo, he's in trouble" for making me sad. I find that amusing, but I feel bad because I didn't know other people would decide to read it. So I guess the story spread. Anyway, things are all cool now, and my trust is back in Neal because the only reason it was gone was because I was given mistaken information. With all this said, things are cool now. Neal's not a jerk.

I'm especially happy that my period has FINALLY stopped so now I am back to normal.

Song of the day ~ My Dad's Gone Crazy by Eminem (it's been in my head all day yesterday)


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