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Sunday, September 15, 2002

Yesterday was a good day. I did homework while Neal played kickball in the rain, and then we hung out for a bit before going to The Reducers. That's was basically 3 guys taking 79 "Great Books" and summarizing them and making fun of them. It was so great, because I had read or seen 32 of them, and heard of even more. The Aeneid was on it!!! I was way pumped about that, but they were pronouncing the names wrong. Patroclus was "Patro Claus" like Santa Claus. Anyway, even Harry Potter was on it (the list, that is)!! I felt so nerdy that I could understand the jokes. It was SO funny though. Neal was laughing really hard and it was great because then we was smiling really nice a lot and it made him look very handsome. :) I then hung out in his room for a long time... went back to my room, then went back to his and slept over since Matt was in Andrea's room. It was too cold to really sleep well though, and I was afraid I was going to fall off the loft. Right now he's doing homework and being a bum and not responding to my IMs.

Song of the day ~ Tainted Love by Soft Cell


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